James Christensen "The Responsible Woman" limited edition print available now at Art Agents International

James Christensen The Responsible Woman print available now at Art Agents International

"The Responsible Woman"

limited edition print 2253/2500

framed 24.75"H x 30"W

James Christensen

15"H x 20"W



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James Christensen

James Christensen artwork is inspired by myths, fables, fantasies, and tales of imagination. Applying his eye for the fantastic to people, landscapes and creatures (both real and imagined), Christensen has created a rich and strangely familiar world, rendered with exquisite skill and detail.

Painting in a variety of styles, from the lush Saints and Angels series reminiscent of European old master works, like "Madonna and Two Angels", to his whimsical and humorous works of satire like "Resistance Training", Christensen artwork appeals to a broad range of collectors.

"My aim," says Christensen, "always begins with a desire to connect with another imagination." He adds, "My work is an invitation to let your imagination run wild, explore, and make interpretations spontaneously."

James Christensen was born in Culver City, California. He grew up two blocks from the MGM studio; he and his friends often played in the back lot of the studio in Tarzan's pond or on sets for movies such as Gone With the Wind. James loved to tell stories and use his imagination in play and drawing.

About this painting/print:

This painting/print is an homage to artist James Christensen's wife, Carole. He began to contemplate all her roles in life and the many weighty responsibilities she shouldered as a full-time wife and mother of five young children. Women everywhere relate to the need to confidently soar above life's troubles and challenges. In a given day she may shuttle the children, prepare a gourmet feast, keep to hectic time schedules and more, but she always keeps her head up and carries the light of hope to those around her. A delightful gift to honor a wife, mother, grandmother, sister or any heroic woman in your life.

What she represents is 'woman as spiritual leader.' She has a candle, which is my way of showing that she is carrying the torch, or leading the way. You notice that she has spare candles. Candles are symbols of light and wisdom. She also has a many-handed clock, and there is a compass to help her figure out which way to go. But beyond the individual items she carries, this is more an homage to the modern woman rather than a dictate of what a Responsible Woman should be. You can be the person you want to be, and the things you carry can mean what you want them to mean.

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