Jovan Obican "Tennis Player" painting available now at Art Agents International

Jovan Obican Tennis Player available now at Art Agents International

"Tennis Player"

Rare piece - excellent condition

framed 21.5H" x 17W"

Jovan Obican

$2100.00 USD

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Jovan Obican

Croatian/French (1918 - 1986)

Jovan Obican was born in Cannes, France, of Yugoslavian parents. From childhood on, Jovan practically devoted himself to art, scratching designs on mud pies when paper was unavailable. He trained with many recognized teachers with many styles. He finished his training, imbued with the spirit of his native country, the people, their legends, and their philosophy. It has been said that his work has a "timeless quality" and a naive, child-like primitive style.

Obican is identified with his style the world over, a style that is simple yet sophisticated; child-like yet masterfully adult; a style that tells a story with psychological, philosophical or sociological overtones. His funny little people are always colorful, full of spirit, living with music and birds to bring them happiness. His fans and collectors are legion and include some of the most famous names in the world including American presidents, senators, ambassadors, film stars and European nobility. He has exhibited all over the world and is represented in many galleries and collections.

Jovan Obican always had a tremendous following of collectors and became internationally known by word of mouth and his frequent

invitations to display his works in the USA and Europe. His studio, in Dubrovnik, was a well-visited place, and an attraction to collectors, art enthusiast, and tourist.

Jovan Obican was encouraged by friends to add more Jewish influence to his work and in the mid-1960s he began reading books about the tradition and history of the Jewish people. Lazar Obican, who grew up helping and learning from his father, obtained the books and sometimes read them aloud while his father painted.
Obican was a prolific artist, constantly experimenting in various medias, achieving masterful results.

The art style is a unique one. It is a conglomerate of tradition, history, legends, hero tails, epics, old customs and a derivation of folklore. It is a self-standing style, recognizable, cheerful, whimsical and a happy creation.

A Bird is practically in every work of his art. The bird is like a trademark, it depicts love, peace, liberty, beauty, and happiness.

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