Ozz Franca "Feathered Hair Ties" original limited edition art print available now at Art Agents International

Ozz Franca Feathered Hair Ties original limited edition print available now at Art Agents International

"Feathered Hair Ties"

limited edition 573/600 - Hadley House

Ozz Franca

27.5"H x 21.25"W


$500.00 USD

Printing plates have been destroyed for Feathered Hair Ties and no future editions will be published.

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Ozz Franca

.....Ozz Franca was born in Brazil and won a first prize at the "Spring Salon" show in Sao Paulo when he was 14. When he was 18 he held his first one-man show. After graduating from art school he traveled to the US on a scholarship and now resides in Hollywood, CA. Though he is now an American citizen, he draws his inspiration from both the cultures of Brazil and American Indians.

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