Phillip Vickers "Saguaros Near Yuma" Matrix Metal Relief Cactus Sculpture available now at Art Agents International

Phillip Vickers Saguaros Near Yuma wall relief sculpture available now at Art Agents International

"Saguaros Near Yuma"

Matrix Metal Relief Sculpture #59/150

Phillip Vickers

oval frame: 33.75"H x 24.75"W oval image: 26"H x 17"W

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Phillip Vickers

Philip Vickers’ long and illustrious life included over 100 missions flying Spitfires for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in World War Two; ten years on the stage, in TV and radio; forty five years as a sculptor; and, more recently, authoring his very exciting biography on his life as a youth in the Great Depression and his adventures in World War II.

In 1975, Vickers met another young sculptor/furniture maker, Barbara, who became his studio mate and wife. Together they created large exhibit sculpture such as an over-life size Uncle Sam, which has his self portrait for its face, for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. They also designed and constructed a three room cave complete with life size early man figures for the National Geographic Explorer’s Hall.

At the time of his demise, he had just finished writing his memoir based on his life as a young man in the Great Depression and his adventurous World War II experiences. Phil turned out to be an exceptionally good writer with a tale of adventure that is difficult to put down. “Surviving Victory” is a story of survival: surviving an abusive father, surviving the Great Depression in the Oklahoma “Dust Bowl,” surviving for five days in a downed aircraft in heavy Nova Scotia snow, surviving 100+ operational flights over France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany and, finally, figuring out how to survive the armistice with the enemy. It is emotional and riveting.

This sculpture is cast in Matrix Metal tm which has been the exclusive trademark of Phillip Vickers for over 20 years. The process employs real bronze, nickel-silver, brass, copper and iron cast in a new way resulting in lightweight but very durable casts ideally suited for wall reliefs. Matrix Metals tm tarnish just like foundry metals and require only fine steel wool to restore their original sheen.