Abraham Lincoln: Portrait of an Achiever • Steve Kaufman


Steve Kaufman took over from Andy Warhol to do the well-known Campbell Soup cans. I met Steve a couple of times; once at Campbell Soup Company where I was a VP and Andy Warhol had just died; and he signed the Chicken Soup Can for me (it is up in my kitchen now); and later in Las Vegas where I was an SVP with MGM Resorts International, and I purchased directly from him Rat Pack at the Sands (up in my home office now). I also acquired Abraham Lincoln: Portrait of an Achiever, and that’s the piece that I am offering to sell. It is 20″ x 20″ and a picture of it and the signed back (SAK) is attached. I was the original owner in 1998. Steve has since passed away.

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Abraham Lincoln: Portrait of an Achiever


Steve Kaufman

20″H x 20″W a Hand-Pulled Oil on canvas Silkscreen.

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