Chinese Porcelain Vase • Unknown Artist


A nicely done piece – Chinese Porcelain Vase by Artist (unknown) Make an Offer today!

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Chinese Porcelain Vase by Unknown Artist

Such a unique piece – add this to your room now – creating a great presence

Chinese porcelain

11.25cm H and  7cm W  at midsection (4.5″ x 2.75″)

Additional provenance: My grandmother on my mother’s side had an uncle named Henry Heistand. I have attached a bio below. He was chief of staff to the commander of US forces during the Boxer Rebellion at the turn of the last century. He told my grandmother that he had been given a chest of items that had been spirited out of the Imperial Palace lest they fall into Boxer hands. Why they weren’t returned, I have no idea, but they surfaced back in the US and eventually into my grandmother’s house as he and his wife had no children. He has an impressive resume and I have no reason to doubt his story any more than did my grandmother who knew him well. The vases were also in the same chest he returned with along with an ivory chess set and various other items which I have no idea as to their present location.


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