Dima Gorban • Untitled


Untitled – a Serigraph print on paper by noted artist Dima Gorban

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Dima Gorban

18″H x 8.25″W

Limited Edition 732/850

Untitled – a Serigraph print on paper by Artist Dima Gorban

Letter of Authenticity
Hand Signed Limited Edition

PROVENANCE: Purchased from Auction House (2018)
Purchase piece from a bankruptcy sale. 32 pieces of fine art were sold to the highest bidder through a gallery representative working for the auction company.

Hand Signed by Artist & Letter of Authenticity
Excellent Condition

Dima Gorban started painting at the early age of seven. From the beginning, he was mesmerized by everything involving art. His oldest brother, Michael was a painter and was the source of inspiration for Dima. Gorban was born in the former Soviet Union in 1961 and moved to Kishinev with his family when he was three. At the age of ten, he enrolled at the Kishinev School of Art, where he was honored with the award for being the most up-and-coming young artist in the school. In 1980 Dima completed his studies at the Higher School for the Painting Arts in Kishinev and began showing his work at group exhibitions throughout Moldavia. It was not long after when his works reached Moscow, and two of his sketches were included in a permanent exhibit in the Drawing Department of the Moscow Film Academy. Dima’s introduction to the world of wine started when he was a child. His late grandfather cultivated grapes in the sizable yard of their Kishinev home and made wine for home use. A love of wine was ingrained in the entire family, and Dima found great joy in assisting his grandfather in all the tasks involved with the wine-making process. Recently Gorban has devoted all of his time to being an artist. His signature, precise style, interior paintings, and his wine paintings with their characteristic bold colors, have enthralled art lovers all over the world.

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