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Edward S. Curtis • Canon De Chelly


Canon De Chelly a lithographic print by noted American photographer Edward S. Curtis

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Canon De Chelly


Edward S. Curtis

14″H x 19.5″W

Canon De Chelly Lithographic Print by American photographer Edward S. Curtis

PROVENANCE: I purchased two pieces of art by Edward Curtis at the Kettle Art Gallery in Dallas Texas in 2012. The Kettle Gallery was about to relocate to a new site and was selling off multiple pieces of Art. These pieces were sold on a consignment based through the Kettle Art Gallery. I did not meet the actual owner but he had been involved with the Gallery for 4 years purchasing and selling art.

Mint Condition

Edward Curtis was born in 1868 in rural Wisconsin. His father, Reverend Johnson Curtis, had returned from the Civil War penniless and debilitated; Curtis and his siblings grew up in poverty, with the entire family occasionally going for days or even weeks at a time subsisting solely on a diet of potatoes. Yet Reverend Curtis and his wife Ellen managed to raise a family of four children, of which Edward was the second. Before his fifth birthday, the family moved to rural Cordova, Minnesota, where his father continued his vocation as an itinerant preacher. Even though Curtis undoubtedly had some contact with American Indians while growing up in Minnesota, most traditional Indian life there had disappeared by the time he and his family arrived in the 1870s, and no specific record exists of any American Indian influence on his life at that time.

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