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Eliot Porter • Glen Canyon Portfolio Pg. 87. Print 36. Rainbow Bridge


Glen Canyon Portfolio Pg. 87. Print 36. Rainbow Bridge a Kromkote lithograph by Eliot Porter is available now from Art Agents International where creative art paintings and prints are bought, sold, resold, brokered, and listed in a secure and private manner globally

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Glen Canyon Portfolio

Pg. 87. Print 36. Rainbow Bridge


Eliot Porter

Height: 11″
Width: 8.5″
Medium: Lithograph on Kromkote paper


Pg. 87. Print 36. Rainbow Bridge
We were up early and on the trail before the sun had reached down to us. The rough track followed the little stream on the canyon floor, crossing and re-crossing it as we ascended. Along the creek diminutive waterfalls alternated with deep clear pools banked with ferns and overhung with willows and oaks…..
A mile up Bridge Canyon we turned the corner. Ahead of us, framed in a V-shaped notch formed by the upper canyon walls, hung a bowl of stone against the sky…
The real wonder of Rainbow Bridge is that of water carving stone; of the billions of storms which brought the water, of the stone itself, laid down ages ago as drifting sand dunes on a Jurassic desert. The wonder is the sun, the wind, the clouds, vegetation, chemical action, the forces within the earth- all working together for millions of years to produce this perfect masterpiece, -Weldon Held

Imagine a structure so massive that the evolutions of the ages have merely brought to the surface its muscular structure, divesting it of weak and useless particles. –
Charles L. Bernheimer

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