Fanch Ledan • Window on Bonifacio 1998


Window on Bonifacio 1998 – a Serigraph print on paper by noted artist Fanch Ledan

Art Item ID: 12699


Window on Bonifacio 1998


Fanch Ledan

21.75″H x 18.25″W

Limited Edition 488/495

Window on Bonifacio 1998 – a Serigraph print on paper by Fanch Ledan

Hand Signed and Dated by Artist

Estate sale is (2018) this piece was purchased.

Excellent Condition

Fanch Ledan, known for his attention to detail, vibrant colors, and remarkable perspectives, creates artwork that is admired and collected around the world. Born in 1949 in the region of Brittany in France, Francois “Fanch” is the youngest child of a doctor and a dentist. In his youth, he was educated locally but it was not long before he decided to study in Paris. It was here that he earned three Bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, science, and philosophy by the age of nineteen. In addition, this city, with its charm and passionate life, drew Fanch Ledan into its famed art scene. While he continued along a professional path, he explored his artistic interests. Fanch’s talent and achievement in painting were quickly recognized by critics abroad, and his work was accepted by the two major European exhibitions: the prestigious Salons des Artistes Francaises and the Salon des Peintres temoins de leur temps. Fanch became involved with printmaking in 1973 when he learned the difficult technique of lithography in Paris, and later serigraphy, which became his preferred choice for the creation of original prints. Fanch Ledan creates imaginary scenes that run the gamut from exotic locations throughout the world, to intimate interiors. His interior scenes will often feature hanging paintings of the artists he most admires, a way for him to pay homage to their influences on his own art.
Fanch Ledan will often create combinations of locations that cannot exist in reality, like a view of the Taj Mahal or the Pyramids of Egypt from an elegant private balcony. His works feature a remarkable sense of detail and color subtlety. Most often they are absent of figures within the composition, but a human presence is felt by the remnants of the people who occupy the space, a pair of eyeglasses can often be spotted somewhere in a Fanch interior. Since 1973 Fanch Ledan has had more than fifty one-person shows including exhibitions at the Pantechnicon Gallery, San Francisco, Centrao Arte Naivo, Milan, Galerie Malle, Aurray, France, and Champs-Elysees, Paris, and Park West Gallery, Southfield, Michigan. Fanch’s second hardcover book, a catalog raisonne of his complete graphic works, with introduction by art historian, Eleanor Hight was published in early 2003. His artworks are also in the collections of Jacques Costeau, Baron Bich, Jack Nicholson, John Williams, and Prince Albert. Fanch Ledan has done paintings and projects for major corporations in Japan, U.S.A, and France such as U.S. Air, Air France, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Tokyo Dome, HAVAS, Esso Exxon, and Yokohama.

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