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Fools’ Gold • Arthur Secunda


Fools’ Gold a collage by the noted world-renowned Arthur Secunda creative creativity for 8 decades and counting. Available now from an avid Arthur Secunda collector through where unique art is bought, sold, listed, brokered in a secure, personal, and private manner worldwide.

Pyrite is a shiny, brass-colored stone often used for abundance, confidence, and protection. It’s also known as fool’s gold because its color and metallic luster have sometimes caused people to mistake it for gold. The name pyrite comes from the Greek word for fire, and it can emit sparks when struck. She is holding it in her hand!

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Fools’ Gold


Arthur Secunda

19.5H x 22.5W a Collage created in 1994

Fools’ Gold a collage print by the noted artist Arthur Secunda eight decades of creating

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Fools’ Gold the Movie

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