Isle of Capri • Howard Behrens


A creative limited edition serigraph print by Howard Behrens titled Isle of Capri

Art Item ID: 11758


Isle of Capri


Howard Behrens

31.5″H x 40″W – serigraph

120/300 “Signed”

Isle of Capri a limited edition serigraph print by Howard Behrens


“Signed & Numbered”

If ever there was a composer of color, it is Howard Behrens, a brilliant painter who has emerged among a sea of artists to become the preeminent modern master of the palette knife and an incomparable translator of color. “Using an analogy from music, I like to think of myself not as a piano player, but as a composer. There are a lot of piano players, but they are playing someone else’s music. I want to be remembered as a master ‘composer’ of art, not a ‘musician.’”

Indeed, Behrens will be remembered as the composer. He will also be remembered as a master colorist, a palette knife magician, and a kind and gentle soul. “One thing about the palette knife is that you get great color and you can play with the texture,” he said. “So it’s color and texture and real genuine paint where you see the act of painting.”

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