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Leni Smoragdova • 2a2a / Sentimental action – {$M}


In memory of Mathilda.

This June 2022, I completed the systematization of all the artworks of the world of transastion art in eleven years. Many art objects are lost forever, only photographs remain in memory of them. For example, ceramic figurines with animals.
Like a child, I opened the magic box of archives. As a result – more than a thousand photos that were taken in various parts of the world, and which I forgot about. Having such treasures, it remains to invert them into one of the facets of the Transaction Art world, and show you.

This is “Sentimental action” from 2010 till 2022. A series of works.

Transaction Art | Hidden face | {$M}

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2a2a / Sentimental action – {$M}


Leni Smoragdova

150 W x  112 H  cm – 60″W x 44″H
Edition Numbers: 10
Substrate: Paper
Description: Photograph – Limited Edition of 10
Leni Smoragdova

United Kingdom

Photography, Color on Other

2a2a / Sentimental action – {$M} by Leni Smoragdova

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