Leni Smoragdova • o$@R / Mother’s Milk – {$M} Drawing


o$@R / Mother’s Milk – {$M} Drawing an Ink on Paper drawing by Israeli artist Leni Smoragdova. Now available directly from from artist Leni Smoragdova through ArtGentsInternational.com where creative art, paintings, prints, drawings and more are bought, sold, resold, listed, and brokered in a safe, private and secure manner globally.

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o$@R / Mother’s Milk – {$M} Drawing


Leni Smoragdova

Height: 21
Width: 29
Medium: Pencil
Substrate: Paper

This is “Mother’s Milk” from 2023.

o$@R / Mother’s Milk – {$M} Drawing by Leni Smoragdova Israeli artist

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