Leni Smoragdova • p#@E / Mother’s Milk – {$M} Drawing


P#@e / Mother’s Milk {$M} Drawing Ink on Paper – Ink on Paper by noted Israeli artist Leni Smoragdova – Now available directly from from artist Leni Smoragdova through ArtGentsInternational.com where creative art, paintings, prints, drawings and more are bought, sold, resold, listed, and brokered in a safe, private and secure manner globally.

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p#@E / Mother’s Milk – {$M} Drawing


Leni Smoragdova

Height: 29
Width: 21
Medium: Ink
Substrate: Paper

This is “Mother’s Milk” from 2023. Israeli artist Leni Smoragdova P#@e / Mother’s Milk {$M} Drawing Ink on Paper

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