Litchfield Arbor • Henry Peeters


Litchfield Arbor a Giclee on canvas by Chinese artist Henry Peeters

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Litchfield Arbor


Henry Peeters

Dimensions: 25.50″H x 16.75″W

Limited Edition – Facsimile Signed

Giclee on canvas: Litchfield Arbor by Chinese artist Henry Peeters

Giclee on Canvas (mounted on hardboard)
(limited edition – facsimile signed)

Good Condition

Henry Peeters (Hing Biu) Chinese Artist: The Impressionist landscapes and interiors of Henry reveal an artist with a strong sensibility towards color, classical composition, and fresh insight into contemporary painting. Peeters’ painting style is unique and personal. What attracts a person immediately is the light, as it pours out of the canvas from the objects themselves. Drawing from Western culture’s classic traditions, he provides us with a refreshing and new vision of the modern world. The great success Peeters’ paintings have found in America is testimony to his great skill as an artist. Henry Peeters spent years exhibiting his work in major cities throughout China and received many national awards. In 1974 Henry Peeters became an art director and set designer for a prominent film studio. In 1978 he made the bold move to the United States where he found immediate representation.

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