Louis Icart • Sofa


Sofa an archival lithographic print by noted art deco artist Louis Icart

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Louis Icart

13″H x 20″W

Sofa a Limited Edition 25/175 Art Deco Archival Lithographic Print by Louis Icart

Louis Icart – The Sofa Art Deco Limited Edition Etching (Rare)

Excellent Condition

This is a beautiful Reproduction Etching on Archival Paper.
Louis Icart was born in Toulouse, France. In Icart’s drawings, one sees the Impressionists Degas and Monet and, in his rare watercolors, the Symbolists Odilon Redon and Gustave Moreau. In fact, Icart lived outside the fashionable artistic movements of the time and was not completely sympathetic to contemporary art. Nonetheless, his Parisian scenes are a documentation of the life he saw around him and they are nearly as popular today as when they were first produced. In 1914 Icart had met a magical, effervescent eighteen-year-old blonde named Fanny Volmers, at the time an employee of the fashion house Paquin. She would eventually become his wife and a source of artistic inspiration for the rest of his life. Icart’s portrayal of women is usually sensuous, often erotic, yet always imbued an element of humor, which is as important as the implied or direct sexuality. The beautiful courtesans cavort on rich, thick pillows; their facial expressions projecting passion, dismay, or surprise, for the women of Louis Icart are the women of France as we have imagined them to be Eve, Leda, Venus, Scheherazade, and Joan of Arc, all wrapped up into an irresistible package.

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