Shoe Fitting • Corinne Hartley

Shoe Fitting – an Oil Painting on Canvas by artist Corinne Hartley. – SOLD

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Shoe Fitting


Corinne Hartley

Dimensions 24″H x 20″W – An Oil Painting on Canvas

Shoe Fitting – An Oil Painting on Canvas by artist Corinne Hartley

Hand Signed – Original – SOLD

PROVENANCE: This gorgeous piece of Art of purchased at an Estate Liquidation out of Los Angeles California. The family liquidated their Art and Sculptures due to personal circumstances. Unfortunately, this is all the information we were given.


Hand Signed – Framed
When Corinne Hartley left the Chouinard Art Institute in 1944 after two years of intensive study she was confident about drawing the figure and had a portfolio to prove it. An opportunity soon opened for her to work in what she calls “the high powered field of commercial art – fashion illustration.” She immediately took the job, and for the next thirty years continued to utilize her drawing skills as a fashion illustrator and, in off-hours, as a painter. Her main subjects were women and children. When photography began to inch its way into fashion advertising, she made the transition by exhibiting her work at local galleries gradually establishing a solid career as a fine artist. Immensely popular with the public, her life-like portraits were widely coveted, and she began to feel the pressures of keeping up with her growing number of portrait commissions where children and adults continued to be her subjects.

Over the years Hartley has felt equally at home working in several mediums – charcoal pencil, watercolor, and oil. In the 1990s she began exploring sculpture as well, energetically making it a capstone to a career that spans more than sixty years.


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