Solitude • Janet Treby


Solitude – Serigraph on rag art paper by English artist Janet Treby.

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Janet Treby

Dimensions 20″H x 24″W – Serigraph on Rag Art Paper

Solitude – A Serigraph on Rag Art Paper by artist Janet Treby

Hand Signed – Limited Edition Print – 261/485

PROVENANCE: This is the “Second of Three” gorgeous pieces of Art of purchased at an Estate Liquidation out of Los Angeles California. The family liquidated their Art and Sculptures due to personal circumstances. Unfortunately, this is all the information we were given.

Excellent Condition

Hand Signed – Not Framed
For Janet, being human is about wondrous imagination, the musing of gods, and the observation of all that is magical in nature. Her work portrays the mysteries of beauty and love. There are two central themes in her work; firstly the dichotomy of action and tranquility, and secondly, the liberation of the human spirit from material restraint. Her study of figures in motion shows their attempt to escape from earthly confines; released from constraining shackles they are delivered into an ethereal land, a world in which humans frolic and fly to the tune of the wind. “I’ve always been fascinated by movement and the way the body works. In my work, I have been able to create a mixture of reality and fantasy by contorting the body and manipulating the form to perform fantastic acts of extreme playfulness and sensuality.”
In her quieter work, her still life and observations of groups of figures lead us into a more intimate world. Thinly drawn figures embrace themselves with shrouds, twisting and turning, caressed into a sensual fusion of forms.
We enter a new land, an intimate female haven, set apart from the harsh reprisals of the outside world, where secrets are shared, and women are free to indulge their quiet self-conscious supremacy.


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