Winter Lace • D.R. Laird


Winter Lace a lithographic print by noted Canadian artist D.R. Laird

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Winter Lace


D.R. Laird

17.25″H x 25″W

Winter Lace a Limited Edition 438/590 Lithographic Print by D.R. Laird


Douglas Laird was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1946. He was interested in art at a very early age and at fifteen he apprenticed in an advertising agency/art studio in Edinburgh. It was at that time he attended the Edinburgh College of Art for a three year period. At the college, he studied extensively on life drawing and draped life.
For many years Laird traveled throughout North America and Europe. His travels have strongly influenced the subject matter and mediums used in his paintings. Douglas enjoys working with and feels comfortable in all mediums; and his subjects include landscape marine, nostalgia, still life, eastern, wildlife, children, and everyday activities.

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