Yuri Kuper • Untitled


Untitled – lithograph on Arches paper by noted artist Yuri Kuper

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Yuri Kuper

9.5″H x 6.5″W – (Hand Signed by Artist))
Limited Edition 191/750

Hand Signed and Numbered in Pencil by Artist

PROVENANCE: Estate Auction 2018 (New York)

Excellent Condition

Yuri Kuper is a contemporary Russian-born British painter known for his mixed media work. Many of his canvases feature common objects—a spoon, table, or brush—attached to them, splattered with paint and seeming to float in a gray void. His rigorous formal arts training has allowed him to vacillate freely from illusionistic rendering to mixed-media collage. “There must be no intermediary between the viewer and the painting,” Kuper has said of his work. “The painting has to hypnotize, in the same way that the surface of the contemplated object hypnotized the painter.” Born in 1940 in Moscow, Russia, he went on to study at the Moscow Art Academy from 1857–1963 before emigrating to Israel and settling in London in 1972. Kuper has exhibited with Serge Sorokko Gallery in San Francisco, Kournikova Gallery in Moscow, and Galerie Patrice Trigano in Paris, among others. He lives and works between Normandy, France, New York, New York, and Moscow, Russia.

Untitled – lithograph on Arches paper by artist Yuri Kuper

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