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Dušan Křivský

Do you want to enrich your art collection, start a new one, or do you just need a colorful piece of fine art for your apartment or office? Contact the artist Dušan Křivský.

Everyone can choose from themes, including dreamy sea scenery, idyllic landscapes, and colorful creatures from the animal kingdom. The paintings created by Křivský are not difficult to understand. They are real and accessible to all lovers of beautiful paintings, yet we can also find hidden allegories in them.

Dušan Křivský studied art and craft glass processing in Světlá nad Sázavou (1988-1992), completed a course in figural drawing and painting with the academic painter Karel Matějček in Prague (2001) and a summer academy focused on drawing and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2004). In 2015, he began his studies at the ART DESIGN INSTITUTE in Prague, which he successfully completed in 2018. However, painting is not his only artistic skill, he also studied glass blowing and interior design, so he is a versatile Renaissance artist. Dušan Křivský has had exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Germany, Bali, and Singapore. The paintings reflect his travels around the world and the inspiration he drew from them. The paintings perfectly depict human feelings of happiness and temperament. Represented in collections: Czech R., Slovakia, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, USA

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