About Muruvvet Durak

Muruvvet Durak was born in Isparta in 1981. Muruvvet graduated from Isparta Anadolu Fine Arts High School Painting Department in 1999. She graduated from Pamukkale University Faculty of Education Department of Painting-Work Education in 2004. She has done ethnic researches in various cities in Anatolia and has defined her concept with Symbols and Amulets.
Currently i.B.B., I also work in the rehabilitation department as an Art Trainer. Muruvvet Durak lives in Istanbul and continues her artwork in her workshop. She has participated in various mixed, group, and contest exhibitions both domestically and abroad, Muruvvet has opened her ninth solo exhibition.

The locally universal have received the appreciation of many collectors with their original interpretation, using items specific to the symbolic, mystical cultural values of all past cultures. By synthesizing Anatolian culture with western culture, the concept of symbols and amulets is universalized by modernizing an aesthetic language.


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