Beau Bridges • Peter Daniels


Beau Bridges. I was a Five Star Military Officer in Battlestar in Vancouver at the Bridge Studios where Beau was the President of the USA. We were the close inner circle of players in making decisions. He was great to work with! Wish more of Hollywood would take on his attitude! I hear the family of actors he came from is down to earth, as Jeff his brother, and his dad Loyd are from the film industry. This is mixed media on watercolor paper unframed. Artist, International painter Peter Daniels.

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Beau Bridges


Peter Daniels

7.5″W x  11″H

Mixed-Media painting on watercolor paper

about Beau Bridges

about Actor and Artist Peter Daniels

Sculpture Collector where creat9ve sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered view sculptor Peter Daniels ceramic stoneware

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Sculpture Collector where creative sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered
Sculpture Collector where sculpture is bought, sold, resold, brokered, viewed, & searched

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