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Danny DeVito. I worked on All Lit Up, and it became Deck the Walls. a Christmas movie where we filmed inside a bubble, a complete street scene with two houses, driveways, and Mathew Broderick starred opposite him. Danny was a crazy guy with millions of Christmas lights, he outshone everyone, even the largest displays in New York City. A fight broke out between the neighbors, and this was filmed in July/August. This is mixed media. unframed on watercolor paper. Painted by International artist Peter Daniels.

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Danny Devito


Peter Daniels

7.5″W x  11″H

Danny Devito Mixed-Media painting on watercolor paper

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Sculpture Collector where creat9ve sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered view sculptor Peter Daniels ceramic stoneware

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Sculpture Collector where creative sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered
Sculpture Collector where sculpture is bought, sold, resold, brokered, viewed, & searched

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