Leslie Nielson • Peter Daniels


Leslie Nielson. HA! I had a BLAST with him. We were in Stan Van Hesling and in Scary Movie Four. I had a baseball glove on in Scary movie four, where Mike Tyson bites off his opponent’s ear. They had a stack of ears in the center of the boxing ring, as they tossed the ears out, I got to do a Curly from the Three Stooges Woop whoop whoop! I had a half-hour interview with Leslie, he had a Red wig on with an angora sweater, a plaid skirt, and heels! This is mixed media on watercolor paper unframed.

Art Item ID: 9632


Leslie Nielson


Peter Daniels

7.5″W x  11″H

Mixed-Media painting on watercolor paper Artist Peter Daniels

about Leslie Nielson

about Actor and Artist Peter Daniels

Sculpture Collector where creat9ve sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered view sculptor Peter Daniels ceramic stoneware

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Sculpture Collector where creative sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered
Sculpture Collector where sculpture is bought, sold, resold, brokered, viewed, & searched


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