Paris! • Peter Daniels


Paris! The suburbs. We stayed here and caught the underground into Paris for a week in the springtime. The French treated us tremendously! I loved walking for croissants every morning. I would bring them back for Bonnie as she took more time getting ready for our twelve-hour days of exploring Paris! It is an acrylic painting on canvas by International artist Peter Daniels. Very french in approach and expression.

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Peter Daniels

32″W x  24″H

Paris! an original Acrylic painting on canvas

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about Paris the city of lights

The City of Lights

Sculpture Collector where creat9ve sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered view sculptor Peter Daniels ceramic stoneware

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Sculpture Collector where creative sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered
Sculpture Collector where sculpture is bought, sold, resold, brokered, viewed, & searched

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