Pierce Brosnan • Peter Daniels


Pierce Brosnan. I worked on Butterfly on a Wheel which was renamed Shattered. The other one was a period piece called Married Life from the 1940s. The period pice I was dressed in a suit and hat with large cuffed trousers with suspenders. I loved the action. On Shattered I sat with him in holding and chatted most of the day, had a blast as he is so relaxed to be around, not an uptight movie star, but a great actor. This is mixed media on watercolor paper, unframed. Painted by International artist Peter Daniels.

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Pierce Brosnan


Peter Daniels

11″W x  15″H

Mixed-Media painting on watercolor paper Pierce Brosnan

about Pierce Brosnan

about Actor and Artist Peter Daniels

Sculpture Collector where creat9ve sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered view sculptor Peter Daniels ceramic stoneware

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Sculpture Collector where creative sculpture is bought, sold, resold, viewed, searched, and brokered
Sculpture Collector where sculpture is bought, sold, resold, brokered, viewed, & searched


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